Archie weller going home

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Going Home

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Who's on First?

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Summary • about Billy / William Jacob Woodward, aboriginal roots born in koodup • Went to college in Perth with 16 years • became rover for state's team.

Is a Strike Back movie ever going to happen? Sullivan Stapleton gives us an answer We want Scott and Stonebridge blowing shit up on the big-screen. From Archie Weller, a pioneering Aboriginal writer, comes an outstanding collection of stories which should, according to Nancy Keesing in the Sydney Morning Herald, be read by 'Every one of us, white, black, brindle, old, or about plus.' 'Weller invokes romantic visions of Aboriginal ancestors.

Jul 12,  · Archie Weller (born 13 July ) is an Australian award winning writer of novels, short stories and screen plays. Early life. Archie Weller was born in Subiaco, Western Australia, and grew up on a farm, Woonenup, near Cranbrook in the Great Southern region of the state.

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Archie weller going home
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