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Hamlet refuses to say, but asks them to swear that they will keep the events of that night secret. A letter arrives, informing Claudius that Hamlet has unexpectedly arrived back in Denmark.

Horatio My lord, the King your father. Hamlet seems to be falling victim to his own plans in other words. Act V scene ii Characters: He weeps for what is done. Does the play seem to favor one character's approach over another? By this logic, of course she went insane.

What are some quotes that prove that Hamlet is pretending to be insane?

What is the significance of their weak characters and diminished roles? Again, Polonius is doling out sage advice to his son, Laertes.

Horatio Horatio is Hamlet's friend, who remains loyal to him to the end. His instructions to his henchmen, "Get from him why he puts on this confusion" II.


The third suggests that the world is founded on fundamental inconsistencies that most people overlook, and that it is this failure to recognize inconsistencies that allows them to act. His avowed intention was to throw them off the track. Their anxious whispers are cut short as the ghost appears before them.

Discuss the contrasts between these two passages. On the flip side, it is distasteful to borrow money because it is impolite and usually indicates you are living outside of your means.

In Act 1 scene ii, Claudius rebukes Hamlet for his moody behavior. He wonders if one route is "nobler" than the next. Polonius asks Ophelia what she and Laertes were discussing. He proposes that they arrange a chance meeting between Ophelia and Hamlet, while Polonius and Claudius hide behind a curtain to observe their conversation.

Act 3, scene 4, line 20 Hamlet - He keeps them, like an ape, in the corner of his jaw, first mouthed to be last swallowed. Some evidence that Hamlet might or might not be becoming mad can be found when Hamlet goes on a sort of rant about how his love for the now-deceased Ophelia is greater than Laertes' love for her.

What are his intentions?

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Perhaps you already have an answer, but here are a few theories on the topic that I found to be really intriguing: Hamlet reacts to the knowledge of how his father died with an exclamation which at the same time suggests that he already had a suspicion that King Claudius was the perpetrator.

When she tells him it was about Prince Hamlet, Polonius begins questioning her. Fortinbras' trumpets sound in the distance.

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Ophelia Ophelia is seen as a level-headed and very much sane character at the beginning of the play. He therefore reports to the king that "Your noble son is mad" II.

But instead of being affectionate to her, he is harsh and cold.Hamlet's friend Horatio is a foil for him because he brings out the revenge and betrayal in Hamlet.

He is a listener for Hamlet. Horatio seems to be the only one who is sympathetic of Hamlet concerning the death of his father and his mother's quick remarriage.

As one of Shakespeare's all-time famous quotes, Hamlet's words have stood the test of time and are often quoted even today in both academia and pop culture.

In the beginning of his fourth, and best known, soliloquy Hamlet muses about the conundrum of suicide.

Hamlet insanity and revenge quotes?

Act, Scene, Line (Click to see in context) Speech text: 1. I,2, Good Hamlet, cast thy nighted colour off, And let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark. Mar 14,  · Character Notes: Five Reasons Why Ophelia is Crazy.

At the outset of the play we meet Ophelia, a sweet young lady who appears to be pretty, intelligent, and a symbol for courtly innocence and decorum.

Speaking to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Hamlet here sums up the central paradox of the "quintessence of dust," mankind -- at once the most sublime of creatures, and no better than the lowest. Paradoxically, Hamlet uses his angel-like apprehension to determine the worthlessness of man.

Jun 29,  · Distinguishing the Sane and Insane Sides of Hamlet. By Nora F. Al. Omairi. The character of Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play is one of the most analyzed characters in literary history because, even though he is difficult to comprehend, he is real.

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It explains that Hamlet is a complex man because his problem is initially psychological.

Hamlet insane quotes
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